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3 Magnetic Secrets To Attract Your Soulmate ~ Live Webinar
(Value $297) - Gain a deep understanding of finding your own soul essence and how it relates to finding your soulmate, so you can transform your love life forever!
Complimentary 1:1 Coaching Session to Powerfully Create Your Unique Love Story (Value $147) - Experience a one-on-one tailored exclusively to you mentoring session and discover your deepest desires and beliefs about love, and gain valuable insights on how to make quantum shifts and align your actions with your goals.
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VIP: Your Love Story
A Sensory Visualisation Recording And How It Works Recording (Valued at $197)

Through this sensory visualisation you’ll ignite your desire
Strengthen your frequency so you align with your dream
Experience being in your love story in the moment of now

VIP: He’s Ready For You Lifetime Access
Exclusive Interviews with Incredible Love and Relationship Channellers, Creators, Healers, Manifestors (Valued at over $4,250)

On-tap access to unique zone of genius from each world-class expert
Find your ‘how’ to become truly empowered to attract your soulmate
Select a method, ritual, or practice that you can apply at any time

VIP: Create Your Unique Love Story
Complimentary 1:1 Session (Valued at $347)

Tailored exclusively to you discovering personal valuable insights
Aligning method with magic - the powerhouse behind creation
Realisation your relationship dream can come into physical reality
Your empowerment begins right here on this call!

Over $4500

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