COMPLIMENTARY Gifts From The Experts

These gifts are for you. Normally they are ONLY available during the live show, so if you didn't grab the link then, please download as soon as possible as some have a very short availability.

♡ Meet Jaymie Gerena

Founder of Inner Alchemy Studios

Jaymie is a Mother, Transformational Strategist, Speaker & Philanthropist. Beyond transcending the titles, she is a passionate soul on a mission to serve. 

Her passion is helping fellow sisters remove their limitations and rise to their highest selves. What she found is when we allow ourselves to connect to our sacred flow, we are able to step into the beautiful creations we were always meant to be.

Through overcoming her own adversities in life being the child of 2 drug-addicted gang members, she realized that “reality” is all that you believe + make of it.

Love What Matters | US Times | Medium | The Tribune | Knoxville Voyager

Jaymie's Free Gift

Sneak Peek into Re(mind)Her

What will it take for you to get out of your head and back into your body. Into ACTION.

Re(mind)Her is for women ready to take aligned action on scale life AND business.

♡ Meet Hilary Faye

Heart Empowerment Guide and
Love Consciousness Activator

Hillary is a Heart Empowerment Guide, Intuitive Healer, Love Consciousness Activator and Master Reiki Teacher Trainer.

She has helped countless people light up their inner love and attract love into their lives.

Through years of deep inner healing, she turned her past trauma into transformation and now holds space for others to do the same.

Her mission? To assist everyone in living a life brimming with love!

Hillary's Free Gift

Magnetic Receptivity Morning and Evening Meditation Activations!

ITEM 1: Morning guided Magnetic Receptivity Daily Ritual MP3
This is a powerful guided meditation, visualization, and activation ritual with solfeggio frequencies and binaural beats that will help you start your day in the frequency of calling in a divine soulful connection, wealth and prosperity, healing light into your relationships so that you can supercharge your magnetism for the day!

ITEM 2: Guided Sleep Meditation with Binaural Beats MP3

Reset your magnetic energy before bed as you fall asleep to this guided meditation that will help you access all of the light that is available to you in the quantum field as the solfeggio frequencies help guide you into a deep repair and receptive sleep.

♡ Meet Dr Friedemann


Dr. Friedemann, a physician with a Ph.D. in molecular biology, left his career in allopathic medicine to pursue his passion and purpose of helping people overcome fear and anxiety without medication.

For more than twenty years, he has helped thousands of his clients worldwide to break through mental and emotional blocks.

Dr. Friedemann is the author of the award-winning book, The Fear and Anxiety Solution.

His newest best-selling book, The Empowerment Solution, focuses on activating the healing power of the subconscious mind to switch out of stress- and anxiety-driven survival mode and make authenticity and confidence the everyday way of being.

Dr Friedemann's Free Gift

Change your perspective to change your reality meditation and Re-align with your essence meditation

Change your perspective to change your reality meditation: Do you ever feel stuck in how you perceive a person or situation, and even though you want to gain a more empowering vantage point, you don't know how? This mediation from The Empowerment Solution helps you to free yourself from a limiting and self-defeating perspective and gain clarity on how to respond in the most resourceful way.

Re-align with your essence meditation: This guided meditation is based on the exercise with the same name in Chapter 10 of the Empowerment Solution. With this process, you will be able to remove those protective layers that have obscured the awareness of your authenticity so that you can freely reconnect with your authentic truth.

♡ Meet Tarek Bibi

Indigo Prophet

Tarek "Bliss" Bibi is a rising star and very sought after speaker. 

His warm, sincere and loving heart-centered presence helps and heals all who are inspired by his own journey from abuse and trauma to living an inspired life.

Tarek is a sensitive, gifted poet, musician and artist with a commitment to helping people all around the world become their best selves and learn to use their gifts and thrive in this new age of consciousness. He has been labeled an empath, indigo, a star seed, an earth angel, and a light warrior.

Through his revolutionary Infinity Healing modality he is able to help his clients achieve and manifest their hearts desires and dreams faster then anywhere else.

He earns the name Mr. Miraculous because of the instant breakthroughs he has assisted his clients in achieving.

Dr Tarek's Free Gift

Activate Your Light Body and Wealth Codes

Activate your infinite DNA and Attract more wealth and abundance. Download my Ascension 777 Healing Rap Album ...and so much more

♡ Meet Bonnie Serratore

Spiritual Accelerator

Bonnie is an expert energy clearer, master tracker, and Spiritual Accelerator… meaning she helps people accelerate (or speed up) their personal healing, growth, and spiritual development.

Bonnie accelerates the liberation of our authentic, true, and Divine self. She does so by removing and clearing all unwanted foreign energy from all time and space which interfere with the expression of our Divine self.

Everything Bonnie Serratore knows she has learned through direct experience in her own life as well as from working with her clients and students. 

Although she was born with these abilities, she has developed her intimate connection with herself and the light through her profound personal experiences. 

Bonnie has expertly charted the unseen territories of our emotional and energetic bodies, and offers her gifts of seeing and energy clearing to humanity.

Bonnie's Free Gift

Opening the Heart for Love

While it may be true that no one can hurt you if you keep your heart closed, what you’re setting yourself up for is a lifetime of painful isolation. A closed heart is an unhealed heart.

In this powerful energy activation, Bonnie will remove all that is keeping you in the erroneous mindset and low vibrational frequency of ‘a closed heart is a safe heart’. Once clear, you will naturally have the confidence and sense of safety to open your heart to what will truly heal you, love.

♡ Meet Elizabeth Stone

Transformative Coach

Elizabeth is a transformative coach and creator of Attract The One and Luxe Self.

Through her coaching, writing and online programs she has helped thousands of people shift their perspectives, attract love and nurture soul-level connections. 

She loves to explore how to create the deepest, most impactful change with the least amount of striving and effort.

Elizabeth's Free Gift

3 Innocent Mistakes Women Make With Men

Discover 3 sneaky mistakes women make that cause men to pull away, dump and ghost them.

♡ Meet Justine Lette

International Hypnotherapy Trainer
and Speaker

Justine is an International hypnotherapy Trainer and Speaker. 

Her passion for helping others improve their lives through hypnotherapy has led her to create the Golden Thread Trauma Transformation Protocol, a unique approach that combines hypnotherapy with cutting-edge neuroscience. 

With her extensive knowledge and experience in the field, Justine is dedicated to training and mentoring the next generation of trauma informed hypnotherapists. 

Her commitment to excellence and passion for her work have made her a leading expert in the field.

Justine's Free Gift

Hypnotherapy App

This is a Hypnotherapy App for your phone with lots of different recordings.

♡ Meet Kathryn Alice

Love Guru

Kathryn is a best-selling author & love guru who has helped tens of thousands attract their soulmates. 

She is also known for her work in healing the broken-hearted.

Kathryn's Free Gift

Attract Love FAST Mini-course

This mini-course will teach you:

  • How you have been pushing men away without even knowing it
  • An easy effective way to bring the guy you have your eye on across a crowded room
  • The secret, energetic change that will have heads turning when you walk in a room
  • What to do so you never, ever get rejected again

♡ Meet Adrien Blackwell

Adrien Blackwell Celebrity Healer

With over a decade of experience as a renowned celebrity healer, my next guest specializes in intimate sessions tailored for women who have chosen to prioritize their careers and financial success over matters of the heart due to past hurts.

Through her unique approach, Adrien empowers these women to not only discover true, authentic love but also to enhance their financial prosperity and create more time for to live the fabulous life they've created.

Today, as a seasoned teacher, Adrien imparts her profound knowledge and confidence to others, guiding them to become empowered energy healers.

She shares her transformative healing modality, the "Adrien Blackwell Healing Method," encouraging individuals to not only heal themselves but also to cultivate love and healing in their relationships to get these profound results in every area of their lives.

Adrien's Free Gift

Free Healing Downloads for Love

Discover how the same internal muscles can be activated to welcome love, healing, and financial prosperity into your life. This gift is your gateway to mastering the art of receiving, creating a life filled with positivity, and embracing the abundance that awaits you. Don't miss out on this opportunity to elevate your well-being and manifest the life you deserve—all with the ease of a simple click!

♡ Meet Suzanne Alexandria

Spiritual Coach and Corporate Intuitive

Suzanne is the founder and owner of Alexandria International and the Alexandria International Academy for Healers and Professionals.

She brings a robust and decades-long portfolio working to assist leaders in corporate business to harness their innate intuitive gifts to be the heart-centered beings they truly came here to be.

She now offers private guidance to those who are ready to open their lives and energy to the field of infinite potential with cutting-edge training that is simple, practical, and incredibly empowering.

It is her great joy to serve leaders who know that the world needs us to tap into a higher realm--and this naturally cascades into miraculous changes in areas like romance, finance, personal relationships, confidence, and much more.

Suzanne's Free Gift

Attune to Your Goddess in the Akashic Records

Join Suzanne and her team of ascended master goddess guides for an energy-attuning journey to activate a new part of your goddess self in your Akashic Records.

When you attune to the mysteries of your higher self through the lens of the Akashic Records, you are able to create new awareness, make new choices, and delve deeply into the once-confounding mysteries of your life, its patterns, and its illusions.

This meditation is a way to attune to goddess energy of source and to receive an activation of your own goddess light codes. It is sure to leave you in an energetic state where you know a little bit more than before you went in to your records, and to give you some insights that you might otherwise have missed. 


♡ Meet Alana McKenzie Page

Dating Coach

As a Dating Coach, Alana guides women to become The One he calls back, wants to see over and over, and commit to. 

She is the author of the bestselling dating guide, The Art of Feminine Seduction.

Alana's Free Gift

Sacred Flirtation

Want more romance and intrigue in dating?
Add flirtation!
If you're dating for an emotionally intimate partnership with sizzling chemistry, flirtation is a MUST.
Learn how to flirt for better dating app chats, great first dates, and spicy long-term love.

♡ Meet Roy Biancalana

Certified Relationship Coach

ROY is a certified relationship coach and a nationally recognized expert in the field of attraction and conscious relationships, and the host of The Attracting Lasting Love Podcast.

Along with being a frequent TV analyst, Roy is the author of three #1 best-selling books, the latest of which is Relationship Bootcamp: Hard-Core Training for Life, Love & the Pursuit of Intimacy.

For the past 15 years, Roy has been supporting single people in the art of attracting healthy, sustainable, intimate relationships. 

His experience has taught him that getting in “relationship shape” is the key to attracting lasting love.

Roy's Free Gift

The Relationship Fitness Self-Assessment Test

Since getting in "relationship shape" is the key to attracting a healthy, sustainable relationship, the first step in that process is to know your current relationship "fitness level." This is a 30-question quiz that only takes 4-5 minutes to complete, and it accurately determines your current relationship fitness level. You will receive your results immediately and it is totally confidential.

♡ Meet Larry Michel

The Love Shepherd

AKA “The Love Shepherd”, founder of the Institute of Genetic Energetics, Master ERP™, Relationship Restoration coach, speaker, producer, and author. 

Steward for a revolutionary science, which delivers an understanding of the impact and expanse of our energetic relationships, helping people break free of stories and to experience all the benefits of courageous intimacy.

Larry's Free Gift

Personal Energetic Profile



Discover how less than a dozen genetic characteristics can free you from the shackles that bind you to the wounds from your past.

The absolute fastest way to free yourself from your past is to know what you are energetically and embrace your core being as the truly magnificent and miraculous gift of life that you are.

Find out how to release yourself now from the projections you have on the future which DO NOT support your success in love and life.

MOST IMPORTANT: Live and Love fully in the present, magnetically attracting the most joyful and fulfilling relationships in romance, family, and profession.

♡ Meet Cyndi Olin

Relationship Strategist

As a former high end matchmaker, Cyndi has coached and worked with hundreds of people (women and men), to find their happily ever after.

Seeing the need that women (and men) have to develop a long term loving connection, she has being instrumental in guiding people to:

~ Break relationship patterns that have been keeping them from love.
~ Meet the right partner.
~ Develop communication skills to foster deeper and easier connections.
~ Understand how to save relationships and marriages, creating a stronger long-term connection.

Cyndi's Free Gift

Feminine Communication

Complimentary training with actualized steps on love based communication skillsets.

♡ Meet Diane Goldner

Healing and Transformation

Diane is an internationally-known healer, helps people with physical, emotional and spiritual challenges. Some of her specialties include relationships, illness, infertility, trauma and even financial issues. After all, everything is energy.
She is the author of Yes, You Can Heal, Awakening to the Light and How People Heal and has been featured at, Money and Beliefnet. A former journalist, she has written for The New York Times, USA Weekend and many other publications.
For more information go to

Diane's Free Gift

5 Ways to Add Light to Your Life

Simple but effective ways to add light to uplift and transform yourself and your life.

♡ Meet Gary Salyer

Transformational Relationship Mentor

Dr. Gary Salyer is a transformational relationship mentor. 

 For the last decade, Dr. Salyer has been in private practice offering singles (and couples) heart-centered transformation so they can re-write the rules for love in their brains and create a love that lasts. 

 Dr. Gary speaks to a national audience as a featured expert on various celebrity TV and radio shows such as Hay House Radio, Coast to Coast AM, and KCBS. 

He is the author of the ground-breaking book, Safe to Love Again: How to Release the Pain of Past Relationships and Create the Love You Deserve. 

For more information, go to

Gary's Free Gift

Find Your Emotionally Available Man Transformational Journey

Sometimes, it can be difficult to open your heart up to love again, or to hope that your dream man exists. Find Your Emotionally Available Man Transformational Journey is 7-part video series that will help you: 

1. Reclaim hope that your dream man is available. 2. Prepare your heart to find and keep your emotionally available man. 3. Release the triggers that are stopping you from having the love you deserve. 4. Plus, a special report that will teach you the signs that all emotionally available men can’t help but give off. 

 These are short, 10-to-12-minute videos that even busy women can watch! You never need to waste your precious heart falling for Mr. Wrong again!

♡ Meet Faye Lawand

Internationally Trusted Internal Conflict Resolution Expert

Faye – she's not your average expert, she's the go-to guru for smashing internal conflicts and feeling like yourself again (or for the very first time). Imagine having 3 burnouts and turning that chaos into a powerhouse of healing wisdom – that's Faye's story.

Now, she's not just any old coach. Faye's a Trauma-Informed Clinical Hypnotherapist, Stress Response Regulation Expert, and Nervous System Specialist – yeah, she's got the fancy titles and the skills to back them up. 

No meds, no endless meditation, and definitely no hours of talk therapy – Faye's all about evidence-based methods to kick exhaustion and pain to the curb.

But here's the cool part – Faye's not just about healing individuals; she's on a mission to make the world a kinder and happier place, one person at a time. Her 3-step Mental Health Blueprint™ is the roadmap to inner peace, confidence, and control.

Let's conquer that inner turmoil together and get you back to feeling awesome – naturally. It's time to take control, heal up, and be your kick-ass self again!

Faye's Free Gift

30-DayNervous System Wellbeing Calendar

Dive into a 30-day journey to radical wellbeing with our Nervous System Wellbeing Calendar. It's like a daily guidebook to reset and recharge your system, bringing balance to your health, career, and relationships. 

Experience the power of simple, everyday practices that make feeling good a part of your daily routine!

Sensational VIP Selection 


Uplevel your experience and change your destiny because he's ready for you!

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3 Magnetic Secrets To Attract Your Soulmate ~ Live Webinar
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Complimentary 1:1 Coaching Session to Powerfully Create Your Unique Love Story (Value $147) - Experience a one-on-one tailored exclusively to you mentoring session and discover your deepest desires and beliefs about love, and gain valuable insights on how to make quantum shifts and align your actions with your goals.
Lifetime Access to The Interviews & Unique Genius from World-Class Experts (Value $3,000) - Lifetime access grants you the opportunity to learn new things each time you watch - a tip, tool, or technique, a method, ritual, or practice that you can apply any time you want.

Remember: Love Is Waiting On YOU!

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