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VIP: Your Love Story
A Sensory Visualisation Recording And How It Works Recording

 Through this sensory visualisation you’ll ignite your desire

 Strengthen your frequency so you align with your dream   

 Experience being in your love story in the moment of now

VIP: Create Your Unique Love Story
Complimentary 1:1 Session

 Tailored exclusively to you discovering personal valuable insights

 Aligning method with magic - the powerhouse behind creation

 Realisation your relationship dream can come into physical reality

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VIP: Three Magnetic Love Secrets
Live Webinar To Become Naturally Irresistible

Free special access to 3 Magnetic Love Secrets Webinar (December 2023)
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To find the one for you, we go deeper into soul essence transformations to make this happen!

 Unveiling the 3 top strategies to having your best love story

 Gain the insights to finding your own soul essence match  

 Discover how this leads you to transform your love life forever

VIP: He’s Ready For You Lifetime Access
The Exclusive Interviews with: Incredible Love and Relationship Channellers, Creators, Healers, Manifestors

 On-tap access to unique zones of genius from world-class experts

 Find your ‘how’ to become truly empowered to attract your soulmate

 Select a method, ritual, or practice that you can apply at any time

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Day 1

♡ Jaymie Gerena

 Hillary Faye

♡ Dr Friedemann

 Tarek Bibi

♡ Bonnie Serratore

 Elizabeth Stone

♡ Justine Lette

 Kathryn Alice

♡ Adrien Blackwell

Day 2

♡ Suzanne Alexandria

♡ Alana McKenzie Page

♡ Roy Biancalana

♡ Larry Michel

♡ Cyndi Olin

♡ Diane Goldner

♡ Dr Gary Salyer

♡ Faye Lawand

Create Your Unique Love Story
Complimentary 1:1 Session

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