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Ready to find the one?
Who makes your heart skip a beat and your soul singing it's song!

Well Gorgeous Woman!

There has never been a greater time or for love and connection.

Because it's not just woman who want this, men yearn for this too.

Men are now craving deep, committed, loving relationships that are unique and lasting.

So if finding true love is your desire, gorgeous one, trust in yourself.

This feeling is your truth. And it's meant to be.

Don't let fear hold you back because it won't lead you where you want your relationship life to go.

Finding True Love is about:

Being Truly Empowered - trusting in your own self-worth

Radiating Inner Confidence - believing your dream into reality

Creating Your Unique Love Story - embracing your full potential

And it can begin right here...right now...with you!

We are here for you during this Exclusive 1-Day LIVE Talk Show

Your Invitation to Finding True Love 

During the Finding True Love Talk Show you will receive:

Practical Wisdom From World-Class Experts

Gain exclusive access to renowned global visionaries, creators, 
healers, manifestors, authors, coaches, mentors, relationship specialists all of which
their zone of genius
support you in attracting love.

Be Truly Empowered

Exclusive Tools, Tips
and Techniques

In addition to the exclusive live interviews, profound wisdom, and intriguing insights; each expert will provide you with access to either a tip, tool, or technique, a method, ritual, or practice that you can apply immediately
after the show.

Radiate Inner Confidence

Become the Woman
Who Attracts

When you realise that your desire to be with your soulmate is your truth and therefore meant to be … you’re ready to make this your reality.

Begin your new relationship journey on my exclusive Talk Show where you will learn the HOW!

Create Your Unique Love Story

Your Soulmate's Waiting On You!

This Exclusive Talk Show Is Especially For You If...

You KNOW being single is not your destiny because something inside of you keeps nudging you to find love - that’s your soul talking to you.
You truly desire to OVERCOME being stuck
in the same unfulfilled, meaningless, single cycle; so yes, you want to create and experience your own unique love story.
You are ready to BREAK FREE from old patterns, that are old because you realise it's time to become empowered to be truly you.
You are COMMITTED to do what it takes
to create your dream into your reality.
You’re READY to be with the love of your life together developing a deep sense of connection, respect & commitment whilst experiencing the magic of being truly alive with intimacy, passion and trust.

Let your soul's whispers guide you to finding true love.

Success In Love Is Created

Meet Your World-Class Experts

Adrien Blackwell

Celebrity Healer

Bonnie Serratore

Master Tracker

Dr. Gary Salyer

Relationship Mentor

Gina Daniels

Love & Dating Coach

Jeanne Sullivan Billeci

The Soul Mate Coach

Jonathon Aslay

Self-Worth & Dating 

Liana Chaouli

Essential Image Formula

Sandy Weiner

Last First Date

Veronica Monet

Spiritual & Sexual Coach

William Linville

Consciousness Creator

Host & Relationship Attraction Coach

Hey Gorgeous Soul!

I’m Kristina (some know me as Kris).

Since a very young age, I have been consumed by being in love and soulmate relationships. I was frequently told off for being too emotional and sensitive.

However, when I reflect back I realise I had been learning my soul’s purpose which is how to manifest relationship dreams into physical reality. My mission now is to empower and enable other single, modern, professional women from all over the world to find true love and create their own unique love story.

I blend the spiritual with the practical, so you can learn how to speed up your dreams (the unseen) into your desired life (the seen).

In 2016, I pivoted from the dizzy heights of the exciting corporate world (UK Head Office) of Estée Lauder; an American multinational cosmetics company where I worked on high-end brands with super talented figure-heads like Beyoncé, Stella McCartney, Tommy Hilfiger and of course the Lauder family.

I know what it feels like to have an amazing career with a lifestyle to die-for yet feel empty, sad and without love. A pattern that lasted for years. To be gripped in fear of the present and future to fulfillling my ultimate dream of being with my soulmate.

My unique love story was created by me, so I know how you can create yours too.

Your soulmate is waiting on you!

Copyright 2023 Create Your Love Story | Kristina Court

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Finding True Love Talk Show

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Don't Let Your Dream Go.

The clock is ticking, and time waits for no one.

This is a free opportunity - don't allow it to slip away from you.

We process your personal data as stated in our Privacy Policy. You may withdraw your consent at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of any of our emails.